Hi everybody!

Sorry for the too long example. I wasn't sure what caused the 
problem and wanted to provide all relevant information at one 
time. I didn't mention the units module explicitly because I
have the same problem using the \cite command from the 
bib-module and I assumed, that it would be a more general 

The workaround with the \hbox{} does work. Is this some kind of
bug and will be fixed in the future? 

Thank you all for your help! :-))


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> On Fri, 11 Mar 2005, Michael Fuchs wrote:
> > Here is an example that shows the problem. I created it using 
> > live.contextgarden.net. The problem appears with standard and
> > german hyphenation.
> Nice example: now we see, that you are using the units-module.
> Just to show you, what could be a minimal example, that shows 
> the problem:
> \usemodule[units]
> \starttext
> In dieser Arbeit wurde die Reaktion untersucht. Im Energiebereich bis
> XXXXXXX~\EVolt\ wurden die Ergebnisse der Kollaboration bestätigt.
> \stoptext
> With these few lines, everything is clear. It seems to be an 
> error in the
> units-module.
> Possible workaround: XXXXXXX~\EVolt\hbox{} wurden...
> Cheers, Peter
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