Thank you Patrick. I'm still looking for

--- Patrick Gundlach <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello Ciro,
> > I am my distributor maintainer. 
> But you got your distribution from some source?

I downloaded the CD iso image from a website
and installed Fedora Core 3.

> > what is the "local guide" you refer to?
> This should come with your TeX system (Linux system,
> downloaded TeX
> system, whatever) that tells you about things that
> you need to know
> about your TeX system. Including the available
> fonts. Since I don't
> know what your TeX system is, I can't tell you if
> you have such a
> local guide. If it is not on your system, you should
> complain to the
> person that gave you the TeX.

Similarly, I downloaded texlive2004 CD from the, and installed it according to the
in the CD. What is the name of the 'local guide' file?

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