Ciro A. Soto wrote:
I have a pdf file with 660 letter-size pages.
I would like to save toner in my printer by
printing 2 or 4 pages in one single sheet of paper.

Is it possible to do this with context?
or any other alternative?

Remember, I don't have the source file, only the pdf

thank you


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As usually, not a direct answer...

Play with these script
%% save it as test.tex

\vbox to \vsize{\vss
\hbox to \hsize{\hss\framed[width=2cm,align={middle,lohi},background="" \vss}

%% save as my-imp.tex
%% \setuplayout here

(you can create my-imp.tex by a script and choosing the appropriate number
for page=...., also use \setuplayout etc..)

Also look for  \setuparranging.


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