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Johannes Werner wrote:

hi everyone,
i want to use PPCHTEX. when i process my .tex-file with texexec i get the message:
specials : fdf loaded
specials : fdf,tpd loaded
\openout6 = `'.
Randomizer initialized to 1275417501. [MP to PDF] (./chemie-mpgraph.4000))

and the program stops and waits for a command. when i type \end it continues. this happens again and then i have my target file.
what wants the system tell me? why does it stop?. it's irksome, to type in a command for nothing. when i process with latex everything is ok.

how does your smallest test file that does thsi look like?


the testfile was:

   %\setupchemical[axis=on, frames=on]
   \par Substituent A

with a file, which is a little bit bigger i get the following (an no output is generated):

    Randomizer initialized to 1431757445. [MP chemie-bigger-mpgraph.4000]
   [MP chemie-bigger-mpgraph.3999] [MP chemie-bigger-mpgraph.3998]
   [MP chemie-bigger-mpgraph.3997] [MP chemie-bigger-mpgraph.3996]
   [MP chemie-bigger-mpgraph.3995])

how about adding \starttext ...\stoptext around it?


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