Sorry ciro, but i like write tex code.
  1. save following code as test.tex
    %% save it as test.tex
    \vbox to \vsize{\vss
  2. create the pdf
    $>texexec --pdf test.tex
  3. Save the following into my-imp.tex
    %% save as my-imp.tex
    %% \setuplayout
  4. create the pdf
    $> texexec --pdf my-imp
  5. the first page of my-imp.pdf now has  12 pages from test.pdf;
Now, if you have yourfile.pdf you can replace
\externalfigure[yourfile][page=8] etc.

\externalfigure has parameters page,width,height, etc...;
you can use it to scale to appropriate dimensions (they depends by size of paper);search on wiki for externalfigure

Usually i make simple scripts that create my-imp.tex with correct pagenumber (ie the pagenumber that i want to select); also i use \clip (search on wiki) to correct some page and pdfinfo to have some informations on pdf files.

But hans also replay with a quick and clean solution.....


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