luigi.scarso wrote:

I have a problem about stickers and imposition;

there's a special x/y one for stickers

Yes, syst-ext. and others syst-.
I try to made a pdf-collection of useful module like syst-*, page-* core-box, supp-box, some module for fonts (open issue: turkish....), etc.
(last entry: \startsetups in core-new..)

In my head, i call this collection
"context-foundation: core macros for context programmers"

this is what taco/patrick call the api (so ... how about joining the api-team)

If you have some suggestions..... |)

Also, i know some books/resources for tex programmers:
(always The Book first :) )

indeed, the more you tex, the more you find in it


those are the ones that i use (although i haven't touched them for a long time now which may be a bad sign)


that's indeed a nice one

The Advanced TEXBook (seem good; maybe i will buy it)

this is a g ood book as well; (david gave a nice few days course for the ntg long ago so i also have the preprint somewhere)

Again, if you have some others...

Beginner's Book of TEX Seroul, Raymond, Levy, Silvio 1st ed. 1991. Corr. 3rd printing, 1995, XII, 284 pp., Softcover ISBN: 0-387-97562-4

is a nice one (looking at the cover on the springer page it looks like i have an old copy);


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