Paul Tremblay wrote:
Has anyone else had problems with hyphenation? I have a brand new
version of ConTeXt, and cannot get one of its main features, hyphenation,
to work.

I looked at the documentation, specifically the file called hypenation
patterns. According to this, I should be able to invoke a took called
ctxtools, or at least a tool called texmfstart ctxtools. Neither tool
exists with my distribution.

I do have a file called hyphen.tex. On Hans' suggestion, I copied this
to ushyph1.tex and ushyph2.tex. That didn't help. I also  changed my 
cont-usr.tex file, changing all lines that had ushyp* to hyphen. This also 
didn't work.

did you run mktexlsr ?

I am at a loss, and I consider hyphenation pretty important. How do I
proceed from here?

another option is to fetch from our website and install that one in the same texmf tree as context; run mktexlsr, and regenerate the formats (with --all option)

i'd appreciate feedback about this working or not (since it's step 1 towards shipping context with its own instances of patterns)


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