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I get only a blank page.

If you open problem-test/products/prd_book.pdf from the archive you will see that on the page numbered 7 (the 9th page in the PDF file) there is text. At that stage the frontmatter ends and the first chapter should start. It should start with the quote on page 8 (without a page number) and the start of the chapter on page 9. But what actually happens is that 8 and 9 are empty pages with a page number and the quote is on page 10 and the chapter starts on 11.

I suspect that \stopfrontmatter forces a page. Hans?


  \setupsectionblock [frontpart] [page=] % yes by default

the reason is that marks needs to be synchronized; if you add your own \page command, make sure that you do it at the right moment

page changes are always a bit tricky esp since one wants header etc to be nicely in sync as well; also,

\page <some node> \page

can introduce empty pages (tex related, not so much context)


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