Gerben Wierda wrote:
On 19 Mar 2005, at 20:38, Willi Egger wrote:

secondly you might use \starttabulate ..\stoptabulate look at MAPS22 Voorjaar 1999, pp 153.

I did look at that. I cannot see how that helps me recreating the example I posted, sorry.


PS. Is it me or is tabulating in ConTeXt a bit counterintuitive? For instance, take the exampl efrom MAPS:

\NC this and that \NC left and right \NC here and there \NC \NR

Why 4(!) \NC's here? There are only 3 columns...

to keep it kind of code-compatible with the starttable mechanism where each column is separated by NC or VL or .. ; just consider NC to be a column boundary mark


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