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 I'd also ask why, if you have the superior Helvetica Neue working,
 you're trying to get the plain, no-oblique Helvetica going as well. I
 see it like the difference between LM and the original CM conversion...
 the later interpretation is far superior, and much more subtly drawn.

Yes it is, of course!

But by using HelveticaNeue as is, there is no kerning information included. The result is quite poor, as you can imagine. And as I don't know how to set a proper kerning (in reasonable time) AND how to get it available in ConTeXt I see no other alternative than using Helvetica and use the kerning information that is included in Adobes afm/tfm/vf files (being part of tetex).

But if someone want to show me the path to proper TeX kerning I'd also prefer HelveticaNeue, no doubt!

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