Steffen Wolfrum wrote:
> But by using HelveticaNeue as is, there is no kerning information
> included. The result is quite poor, as you can imagine. And as I
> don't know how to set a proper kerning (in reasonable time) AND how
> to get it  available in ConTeXt I see no other alternative than using
> Helvetica and use the kerning information that is included in Adobes
> afm/tfm/vf files (being part of tetex).

I'm really wondering why there's no kerning. (Maybe I missed something of
the previous discussion) Probably you should check the version numbers of
the pfb and then take the original AFMs from Adobe/Linotype.

I'm also using Helvetica Neue (total 67 afms) and it works well ;-)

Ulrich Dirr

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