On 22 Mar 2005, at 16:14, Steffen Wolfrum wrote:

Your result looks promising - but duplicating your way showed me my command line limits:

$ afm2pl -p `kpsewhich texnansi.enc` HelveticaNeue.afm
afm2pl: fatal: default.lig not found.

Yeah, Gerben doesn't include that file that afm2pl expects. A quick google revealed:
http://www.tug.org/ftp/texlive/Contents/testinstalled/texmf/fonts/lig/ afm2pl/default.lig

...which I copied to the working directory. It should be included in gwTeX.

Running the command above should do it.

$ pltotf HelveticaNeue
pltotf: HelveticaNeue.pl: No such file or directory

The fatal error above didn't generate a .pl file, so the next command wasn't able to use it.

As I have never used afm2pl or pltotf the usage above is praobably wrong.
Or was my Fontforge export bad?

And looking at your test file: where are your ttf and other files in this situation?

All in the working directory. I could then rename, put them in the tex/fonts/ tree, and rehash, but that's it down to the essence.

Here's another goodie:

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The attached dumpafm.pe uses fontforge to write out afms from a given dfont (or other multi-font) file. So, for example:
/usr/local/bin/fontforge -script dumpafm.pe /Library/Fonts/Optima.dfont
...creates five new AFMs (with kerning pairs) in the current directory.

From there, you can do the above two steps. Since afm2pl also creates mapfiles, you can do some extra CLI magic to stitch those together automatically.

We can probably take the rest of this off-list if you need further CLI help.

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