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On Tue, 22 Mar 2005 21:35:55 +0100, Gilles Pérez-Lambert


I asked Hans at EuroTeX 2005 in Pont-à-Mousson the permission to translate 
_Context: an excursion_ into French on behalf of GUTenberg, the French user 
group, and a German person (sorry, I forgot your name :-( ) did the same for 
the German language. Hans kindly agreed and prefers to have translations on a 
more recent document so here is a wiki page*:"ConTeXt%2C_an_excursion";

created on the ConTeXt wiki (thanks Patrick!). The goal of this page is to 
outline sections that need to be updated or erased or added.

Please participate! :-)


It sounds interesting :)

But could you tell me more : the wiki page is used to keep the "TOC"
only, right ? Or we do the translating job at wiki ? IMHO, it's better
to have the "ConTeXt source" of this doc. But it depends to Hans ...

Just my 2 (euro) cents :)

the wiki is for discussing the content (what should go out, what should be added); i will put the files someplace when i have had time to sort them out


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