Hi all,

It is my first mail to this list.
I am using XeTeX and XeTeX + ConTeXt environment for my most files for sometime. It worked fine and the output is really great.
I'd like to use it to create a presentation instead of using LaTeX + beamer.
I have seen many output samples of the presentation styles like s-pre-#.tex. But I didn't find how to use it in the ConTeXt manual. Recently, I googled and found some files for presentation including Hraban's source, but I didn't succeed.

I try to compile it in the pure ConTeXt environment,
texexec --pdf project_pdf-info.tex
and got some error messages.

bodyfont        : bodyfont 16pt is defined (can better be done global)
bodyfont        : bodyfont 16pt is defined (can better be done global)
system          : macros of module chart loaded
XML             : loading flowchart support
systems         : end file env_pdf-info at line 3
systems         : begin file prd_grundlagen at line 46
! Undefined control sequence.
\StartTitlePage ...lign [right] \stelinterliniein
                                                  \vfil \let \\=\vfil
l.4 \StartTitlePage

? x
No pages of output.
Now I am using OS X 10.3.8 and Gerben's installation.

What should I do to remove this error?
Is there any place or samples  to show "how to create presentation"?

I am sorry if it is too well known subject.


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