Hello all,

I'm busy with writing a paper for university and the teachers "ordered" me
to include a List of Figures. So now I'm using \completelistoffigures to get
the list of figures.

However, my captions with the figures are quite long so I was wondering if
it's possible to let ConTeXt write a different text to the List of Figures.
I thought something similar was possible with the Table of Contents and the
\chapter command, but I cannot remember how...maybe I imagined.

So is it possible to write a different text to the LoF? I use
\placefigure[here]{This is my very long caption} {\externalfigure[myfigure]}
to place my figures in the text.

I've experimented with using \writetolist[figure]{1}{short caption} to write
a text to the LoF, but there are some problems with that method. (the figure
can be placed on a different page than the \writetolist, and I'll need a way
to stop ConTeXt writing the caption text to the list as well).

Any ideas?

My best,

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