On Sun, 29 May 2005, Hans Hagen wrote:

> Peter MŁnster wrote:
> > I'm working with subversion and recommend it strongly. Especially for
> > you, there would be a great advantage: the automatic generation of a
> > ChangeLog (if the developers comment their commits).
> i will set up a subversion archive (context/manuals) soon on an internal
> server which is accessisble then for dev. (but i'm not sure if i will
> comment comment each commit, too busy with other things for that -)

Hello Hans,
3 or 4 words are often enough and very very useful when tracing the logs.
For example:
- speed-up with \setupXXX
- bug-fix with texexec-enginepath
- new file core-xxx.tex
- removed s-pre-1234.tex

Greetings and happy subversioning!

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