How can I place a figure to the left of the page *without* having any
text wrap around it? 

If I use:

figure 1.1: }Woolworth store in Lexington}{\externalfigure[WWORIG

I get a graphic that is centered. I want to push the graphic to the
left of the page. 

The only way I know how to achive this right now is with:

externalfigure[WWORIG ref]
{\bf figure 1.1:} Woolworth store in Lexington

But this method probably won't keep my captions and graphics together.
If the graphic is placed at the bottom of the page, my caption will
appear on the next page.

Do I need to save the graphic as a buffer and then place the buffer? I
coudln't find any directions on how to use buffer, though I swear I
saw it on the wiki.



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