Using my my Ricoh AP2600 printer I want to feed envelopes with
the narrow side first, which means the the print image must be
rotated 90 degrees. It is not clear how this can be done in
Context. Here is an example file:

\setuppapersize[env,rotated 90][env]
John Culleton\crlf
2401 Haight Avenue\crlf
Eldersburg, MD 21784
\hskip 3in \vbox{
Independent Contract Services\crlf
Landmark Community Newspapers\crlf
Carroll County Times\crlf
P.O. Box 346\crlf
Westminster MD 21158
It seems no matter what I do (and perhaps I am doing too much) I
cannot create a pdf file that is rotated properly for this
particular printer. It stubbornly insists in printing across
instead of down.

Any suggestions?

John Culleton

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