Keith McKay said this at Tue, 31 May 2005 20:16:19 +0100:

>Thanks to Hans and Adam for the helpful advice.  The code from Adam looked a
>bit daunting to me as a learner at first but when I changed [pzdr] to [uzdr]
>it worked fine.

Oh good. The available fonts and metrics (sadly) vary with every
distribution, so that's a hard thing to get right.

Sorry the code was dense. If you want it broken down and explained, let
me know.

>  I attach the output from Adam's code which also includes
>his query about symb-run in a previous message. Hope this is of use.  From
>the further discussion between them I hope I didn't open a can of worms.

The attachment was probably too big for the list--if you want another
pair of eyes on it, feel free to send it off-list.

>One last question.  I did a search on the web for fleuron fonts and came up
>with a few interesting hits.  

Yeah, I picked up the Fleurons of Hope recently, and have been thinking
of interesting ways to use it in ConTeXt.

>To use these in Context is it a case of
>following the 'Texfont explained' and 'Fonts in Context' manuals?  I think I
>have seen some 'My Way' (or is it 'This way'... well, 'Whatever way' ;>) )
>on the Wiki about this as well.  

I think Bill McClain's page is a great place to start. My MyWays sort of
pick up on topics after that.

>I realize this is not a trivial pursuit for
>a beginner but I would like to give it a try. Are there any pitfalls to look
>out for or should I just dive in?

Dive in!
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