> Vit Zyka wrote (long long ago in January):
>> how is that one calculated, imagine that in the %! fields you fill in 
>> placeholders like hereshouldgosomemagiccode, then one can run a script 
>> over the pdf, calculate that magic, and replace the string; maybe this 
>> can be hooked into  xpdflib
> Yes, I agree, postprocessing is possible. But I did not find any digest 
> computing alg in the range of C/C++ or Perl. Also do not known links to 
> xpdflib.
> Vit Zyka

One can sign PDFs with iText (http://itextpdf.sourceforge.net/).
Perhaps this helps a little bit further. I experimented a little bit,
but my knowledge on PDF internas is not yet in a state that allows me
to be quite creative here :-)

Joachim Schlosser
(The e-mail address is fully repliable.)
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