Staszek Wawrykiewicz wrote:

  AFM and PFM files are supplied here for the sake of
  completeness only.  They are normally not required for use
  with TeX.

this is not true, you need the afm's when you use them to make graphics in other progs that will then be used by tex; also, you need them in order to generate metrics for encodings other than teh shipped ones

In fact, nobody knows how the *old* mess with tfm, vf etc. fits
to more *new* urw pfb which are of better quality then the older ones. Anyway both distributions cannot be mixed. Not to say about packaging, etc.
So I introduced "urw35vf" (#3416) which contains all (historical) stuff
for those using urw fonts directly (.vf, .tfm, .fd, .sty files).
Everybody has freedom using them from TL. Thomas removed such stuff
from teTeX as simply garbage.

he's free to do that but it sounds strange and dangerous to me

Meanwhile, the afm and pfb are under just urw/.  It seems odd, though I
can imagine how it could happen.

??? Everything is OK: fonts/afm/urw/ and fonts/type1/urw/

Clearly the URW fonts are not 100% identical to the Adobe fonts, but in
practice we have to accept the URW Type 1's under the p* names, because
the p* names are what most documents have historically used.  We can't
suddenly make those documents unusable, that would be disastrous.

indeed, so we should ship duplicates

For that matter, the Adobe fonts themselves have changed over the
years.  Nothing is perfect.

sure, but we can try to reach robustness by redundancy

   but context (users) expect the whole set of urw (afm & pfb) to be
   present because they generate other encodings and such;

uzdr.afm and uzdr.pfb are both in the current TL sources, and always
have been.  I know of no reason or suggestion to delete them.
They are as well present in teTeX.
 i think that we need to get rid of the urw mappings in the aliases file

I agree.  I have now deleted the aliases file altogether from the TL
sources.  We'll see how that flies.  I don't know if that will change
anything wrt gwTeX, though.
Ahh, I see! aliases could cause problems. Thanks for deleting that file.



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