Mojca Miklavec wrote:

maybe a better name is regi-ce or just regi-1250

regi-ce is a bad name as there are 4 central european encodings
(IBM-853, ISO-8859-2, MacCE and Windows-1250) plus Croatian. 1250
alone is probably OK, but there's no hint in file name about which
encoding is meant (windows/ibm/iso/mac ...).

I tested the code for regime synonyms and it looks OK. Thanks for
investingating my request :)
ok, i'll add it to enco-ini then

(concerning eregi-* files: you can define filesynonyms so we need a list of 
filesynonyms and regimesynonyms)

What do you mean by writing file synonyms? Where would it be used?

\definefilesynonym  [mojka]  [mojca]
\definefilesynonym  [moika]  [mojca]
\definefilesynonym  [moica]  [mojca]

For unicode regimes, this is probably an useful (more or less complete) set.

\defineregimesynonym[utf 8][utf]
the spacy one does not make much sense

not sure about this one

(Btw, I tried all the four before I got the answer on the mailing list
that I should use 'utf' instead.)

For the rest of the regimes I have to take a look first, so that I
don't say anything wrong. There has to be only one clear scheme.
indeed, i'll wait patiently for your complete list of synonyms

there are


Thank you. The commands were only kind-of-working here. They produced
the table that I wanted (and quite some trash as well), but they were
complaining a lot.

Thanks for the contribution into Visual debugging, Hraban!

What's the proper name for nonbreaking space, '~', to be put in regi-* file?
how about \nonbreakablespace



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