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Mojca Miklavec wrote:

(concerning eregi-* files: you can define filesynonyms so we need a list of 
filesynonyms and regimesynonyms)

What do you mean by writing file synonyms? Where would it be used?
\definefilesynonym  [mojka]  [mojca]
\definefilesynonym  [moika]  [mojca]
\definefilesynonym  [moica]  [mojca]

Ok, if you are provocating, I'll strike back:
None of the definitions above are allowed because they don't warn the
user if he's using the wrong name. They should throw an error instead.
The only proper way would be to define something like

so how about using:


then -)

OK. I'll prepare \defineregimesynonym-s proposals, but I still don't
know what the file synonyms should be used for in this context. The
user probably doesn't need to care about file names?
depends on if you want to preload all those vectors (take quite some memory although i may find a way around that [maybe delayed loading]

So why not mapping the characters to unicode first and defining the
mapping from unicode to \TeXcommand only once? regi-* files (at least
in the meaning they have now) could be prepared automatically by a
script, less error-prone and without the need to say "Some more
definitions will be added later."
you mean ...

\defineactivetoken 123 {\uchar{...}{...}}

it is an option but it's much slower and take much more memory

\uchar{2}{33} takes 1 hash pointer and 7 char slots (so probably 8 mem locations) while \eacute takes one mem location

Is it possible to switch the regimes in the middle of the document
(like it is possible to switch the languages)? An example usage would
be if some input documents (plain text, some older TeX files or
database entries) are written in some other encoding than the main
(Possibly switching in such a way that no leftovers remain after the
old encoding is replaced by a new one.)
switching is possible but in that case you probably want to set toc/index/etc expansion to yes Hans

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