Coydell Rivers wrote:
Hello Han, I'm responding to your PS{}.I've just downloaded This program AVG Free Edition Program version: 7.0.338 virus base: 267.9.7/60
Release date: 7/28/2005 3:15:00 PM
will not let you use a detected virus file(.)

texmfstart.exe file-size 610,304 dated 7/30/2005 DETECTED
texmfstart.exe file-size 610,304 dated 7/27/2005 DETECTED
I had to replace the above with:
texmfstart.exe file-size 584,000 dated 12/20/2004
So is this program the bomb or what.

It could be infected if Hans' machine is, because some local dlls
are included in the compiled version by the rubyscript to exe
compiler. Perhaps he should download AVG to check his local system?

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