Willi Egger wrote:

Pressing shift+F11 results in a small dropdown box, offering the options
 "Auto Wrap" "Margin Wrap" and "Discard Wrap" and under the line
"Process Text" -- Activating Process Text does not cause any action.
The tools menu does not show any spellchecking options.

how about the 'check' option

also, you need to tell what language you use (top of file % language=nl)

Still I see that the properties of context, default and scite-ctx are
loaded in the list of the options menu.

{c:\NEWCON~1\tex\texmf-fonts/fonts/map/pdftex/context/texnansi-urw-zapfchan .map}{c:\NEWCON~1\tex\texmf-fonts/fonts/map/pdftex/context/texnansi-public-antp
    Warning: pdfetex.exe (file rm-antt.map): cannot open font map file

    Warning: pdfetex.exe (file mi-antt.map): cannot open font map file

    Warning: pdfetex.exe (file sy-antt.map): cannot open font map file

Warning: pdfetex.exe (file ex-antt.map): cannot open font map file

i added these

fixed (i hope); i also added iwona and kurier and removed plr/csr/vnr since we have mlr (oeps, i need to remove aer too) Hans

there is a problem with kurier, seems that the font files were renamed so there is a map file mismatch


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