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Dear Fellow-Contexters,

I have been charged with editing a ConTeXt document in Spanish (of which I understand preciously little). This far I have gotten over the hurdles of hyphenation, labeltexts and the upside-down exclamation mark (and as far as we can tell, the Spanish hyphenation patterns get loaded, too), but now I have a problem sorting the index: the words 'ángulo' and 'índice' get sorted in the beginning of the index instead of among a and i.

It tried putting something like the example below in a) the setup part of my document, b) just before the index (a bit like in the example at <>, except that I use the command \placeindex and not \completeindex) and c) in the lang-ita.tex file.

% Changes to sorting to fix the sorting of accented letters
\definesortkey {\´a}{a}{a}{\´a}  % á sorted among 'a'
\definesortkey {\´i}{i}{i}{\´i}  % í sorted among 'i'

None of the options a)-c) worked and I'm thinking that this is more of a "stupid user" problem, i.e. as I cannot find any description on how \definesortkey works, I just don't understand how to use it properly.

Any help???

let's try the new texutil variant since that can have language plugins needed: = example file in spanish = sort order Hans
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