I was perhaps little descriptive in my last question. Let me discribe my real problem:

I'd like to typeset a table of content as follows:

Part 1

Chapter 1
Section 1    Section 2    Section3
Section with longer name 4    Section 5
Section 6

Chapter 2
Section 1   Section 2    ...

Everything has to be on the grid. Problem is that 'Part 1' and 'Chapter 1' are typeset with bigger font (\bfa and \tfa respectively). And grid is too tight to fit \bfa/\tfa struts. But the character size is optically OK even preserving grid due to blank lines around bigger font. I do not want to use \placetogrid in this case since AFAIK it adds one blank line more.

Solution: not to add struts to list items and set \lineskiplimit=-\maxdimen. I discovered that there is alternative 'none' that does not place struts. The only problem is that 'none' create one long line like
Section 1 Section 2 Section3 Section with longer name 4 Section 5 Section6
oversized \textwidth.

So the question is:
  How to typeset list items to paragraph without struts?

Minimal test code is bellow.

Thank you for replay

Hans Hagen wrote:
Vit Zyka wrote:

Hello Hans, Taco, and the next gurus,

sorry for bother with another thing I can not understand. Very high glyphs like \v S disturb grid in the \placelist. The same glyph in the common paragraph with the same (intentionally) interline setting preserves grid:


\writetolist[section]{}{See the next line:}
\writetolist[section]{}{\v Sejba}
\writetolist[section]{}{Another list line}

\v Sejba\par
Here grid is OK, but in \type{placelist}:


I was looking in definitions for some font-size dependent line setting, I also tried to
but without success to lounging on the grid.

this is the default ratio:


Thank you Hans; after some experimenting I understood:
- height and depth in \setupinterlinespace are baseline-ratio/size of
struts (add description to tex-show)
- some my chars (/,\v S, \tfa, ...) oversized \strut size of any ratio
- list items are typeset with struts (perhaps all alternative)
- only alternative without strut is 'none' with command=\Mycommand def

So I do know how to preserve grid. But I do not know HOW TO TYPESET
\Mycommand TO FIT THE PARAGRAPH WIDTH. It seem it is not in the
restricted horizontal mode and continue on one long line. And another
question/request: can the list distance param (alternative d,...) be
glue instead of skip? For better line fitting.


\def\MyListItem#1#2#3{{\tfb (#1-#2-#3) }}

\writetolist[section]{}{See the next line}
\writetolist[section]{}{\v Sejba}
\writetolist[section]{}{Another list line}
\writetolist[section]{}{And the last one}

Anothet line of \v Sejba\par


\strut  %% should be! why?
After list line.



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