Thank you all,

Yes, I opened the file with jedit and saw the small square.
Strange, I copied and pasted form the tex file into the new tex file. All with TeXShop.
 Now, I have (luckily) the announced problem with fonts.
I'm not on my machine and I cannot try the changes you all proposed.
As soon as I can (monday), I will test all.

Thanks again (it's a great community)


On 6 Aug 2005, at 15:53, piskala upendran wrote:

hello valle,

I did test your example. It complained as you said.
however, it works ok under miktex + winedt with the
following changes.

a. remove the small square in front of the
b. \input reich changed to knuth because \citaat of
reich is not decoded. I do not know the reason. Any
contexpert can only tell.otherwise it compiled
smoothly. you can try.



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