In the following example \Scaron and \Zcaron are taken from the font, while \Ccaron is constructed using C and caron (the difference is clearly seen in the result as Ccaron is originally composed using C and Caron; caron and Caron are different in Antiqwa). I understand that this is because I use the wrong encoding (texnansi), but ec/il2 don't seem to work. In Antiqwa documentation I saw cork and cs encoding, which are both be OK, but it seems that ConTeXt isn't aware of them. (Cork is even better as this seems to be the only encoding where \dstroke is present.)

(I slowly begin to understand why the Croats deserved their own MacCroatian encoding [regime] :)

\dstroke\Dstroke % also composed :(

Can anyone point me to the proper way to access other characters in a font, not present in any standard encoding? I know approximately that a .map file has to be written, a typescript file, encoding has to be defined somewhere, but I have never managed to make all those files cooperate together. (An example: how to access edblgrave, udblgrave, odblgrave, ... possibly in such a way that someone could use my (set of) documents without hundred sites of documentation how to compile them on his own computer.)

Thank you very much,

(The more I know about the encodings, the more I hate them.)
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