I want to draw a line myself with Metafun.
This line should looks like in the module pre-05.

I've copied a few lines and try to understand what there happend.
But it failed. I've also read in the metafun.pdf, but it ist very
hard to understand.

I don't see the context between the numbers of x ond y. When I
change the numbers the output varies but in no relation to the

Can anyone help to explain this to me or has another documentation?

so looks my test:

def random_hash_frame (expr width, height, offset, linewidth ) =
def delta = ((uniformdeviate .5offset) + .25offset) enddef ;
x1 := 0.5cm ; y1 :=0.5cm ; x2 := 16cm ; y2 := 3cm ;
drawoptions(withpen pencircle scaled linewidth withcolor
\MPcolor{back2}) ;
fill z1--(x2,y1)--z2--(x1,y2)--cycle ;
random_hash_frame(height,width, 0.5cm,0.5cm)

Greetings Jessi

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