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John R. Culleton wrote:

I am using the flowchart module to create various goodies. What
I don't know how to do is regulate the size of the font for the
text that goes inside the little boxes. Any suggestions?

I do not known any other way but put the size/style together with text:

  \text{{\switchtobodyfont[16pt]\bf Text in cell}}

If you want to be consistent over several cells, define a macro.

in m-chart you will find:
  \c!dot=,  % private option
  \c!offset=\v!standard, % == auto offset
  \c!nx=0, % 1,
  \c!ny=0, % 1,
  \c!background=,      % \v!color,

  \c!radius=.375\bodyfontsize,      % 2.5\c!rulethickness
  \c!rulethickness=.15\bodyfontsize,  % 2pt,

  \c!rulethickness=.15\bodyfontsize,  % 2pt,


\definecolor [FLOWfocuscolor]      [s=.2]
\definecolor [FLOWlinecolor]       [s=.5]
\definecolor [FLOWframecolor]      [s=.7]
\definecolor [FLOWbackgroundcolor] [s=.9]

so guess ... what variable can be used to set the bodyfont

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