Hans Hagen wrote:

Currently plr and csr metrics are still used, but an alternative is to make those encodings regimes and use qx font encoding instead; that way we can drop quite some metric files. As far as i know il2 and pl0 are only used for computer modern.

Do you mean only drop metrics from distro or also remove the typescripts related to this encoding?

I think the first is OK. But it would be nice to be able to use csr font in ConTeXt if user get font from e.g. CTAN. Latin Modern was improved from winter when I had some comments to accent's position/shape and I use them but still there are some national typography differencies that preserves csr alive. Hopefully these diffs do not influence metrics. Perhaps, in the future, there might be several LM fonts differs only in glyph shape but with the same metrics/interface. But it is a question for another forum.

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