I've just updated my MikTeX distribution, which
use a 2005-07-12 version of context package. Since
then MikTeX could not generate the cont-en format
file, when I use texexec --make en, it reports
TeX capacity not enough, so I have to modify the
localtexmf/miktex/config/miktex.ini file, change
|trie_op_size from 2048 to 4096.

The second problem is about texfont. When texfont
installing Type1 fonts, it use '-p' option of afm2tfm
to collect some infomation, but it seems in the
afm2tfm source code of MikTeX, -p only works when
libkpathsea enabled, otherwise afm2tfm will crash.
(without kpathsea support, afm2tfm will only looking
for .enc in current directory instead of the
directory configured in miktex.ini. Some users in
this mail-list may have reported this problem).

Current afm2tfm executable file from MikTeX was
compiled without libkpathsea support, so when texfont
tries to
my $command = "afm2tfm \"$file\" -p texnansi.enc texfont.tfm";

afm2tfm crashed and texfont failed to collect infomation
into the $cleanfont variable.

So I suggest the maintainer of context avoid using
the -p option, it seems

||afm2tfm \"$file\" texfont.tfm|
does the same job in this piece of code.

Another problem is that some font vendor distribute
their font files in captial letters, such as BIRKA___.PFB,
it cause the copy_files routine in texfont.pl failed
to copy those pfb files to correct texmf directory.


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