Dear ConTeXt users,

Last Friday I installed the minimal ConTeXt under Windows XP and tried also to make the lucida bright font available. I carried out the following recipe:

1. Download the latest from Pragma
2. Unzip into C:\  (all files and directories are now under C:\tex)
3. Start a CMD shell and run the commands:
   > cd c:\tex
   > setuptex.bat
   > mktexlsr
   > texexec --make --alone nl en metafun
4. Copy all 139 lucida related .afm and .pfb files to c:\temp
5. From this directory run:
   > texfont --fontroot=c:/tex/texmf-local --ve=yandy --co=lbr --ma --in
6. Add \loadmapfile[context-base] to cont-sys.tex

In TeXnicCenter I edited test files and ran the command
   c:\tex\setuptex.bat & texexec
with the arguments
   --bat --nonstop --pdf --color "%bm"

All went well and a test file using e.g. the bookman font produced the desired result. But trying to use the lucida bright font gave the error: ! Font \*lucida6ptmmmi*:=lbmo at 6.0pt not loadable: Metric (TFM) file not foud.
The error occurred after the following three lines:

Any help is highly appreciated.

Sytse Knypstra

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