On 8/24/05, Mojca Miklavec <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Eugene Toporov wrote:
> I have some issues with different things but both inside itemized lists:
> 1. Framed text width is calculated not as I expect. The sample below makes
> framedtext box appear partially on right margin

\textwidth is a constant that doesn't change when you enter a smaller box.
Do you want to get rid of the space left of the box or do you want to
have a frame, narrower than textwidth?

I want the narrower frame with the right edge always at the same place.

\item A normal item paragraph, which normaly gets wrapped ok.
\startframedtext[background="">Some listing as framedtext whose width seems calculated incorrectly.
\item something else

I did not know about the startitemize's continue option. May be useful someday. So, thanks!

b) You can access \leftskip to get idea how much space is left on the
left side, there is also a \hsize, but there must be some better solution.

Will try playing with this if no other solutions.

Thanks for your suggestions.

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