Ciro Soto wrote:


I need two more twiks for my footnotes:
I am using asterisk instead of numbers or letter for the footnotes.

Twik 1:
My font is too slanted and the asterisk (*) is printed too close to the
last word in the sentence.
Charles IV \footnote[]{asdfasdf}
will print an asterisk touching the V letter.
How do I instruct context to give me some room between the V and the asterisk?

Second twik:
How to control the distance between the page text and the rule line
that separates
the footnote and the page text?
I tried the "distance=", th
e "height="  arguments in the
setupfootnotes, but they don't do
what I want.
thank you
patch in core-not:


  \doifitalicelse\/\donothing % Charles IV \footnote{the fourth}
\dodonotesymbol{\kern\noteparameter\c!distance}% gets the font right, hack !



\setupfootnotes[conversion=set 1]

{Charles IV  \footnote{oeps}}
{\sl Charles IV  \footnote{oeps}}
{\bs Charles IV  \footnote{oeps}}



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