> Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2021 08:49:55 +0900
> From: Jeong Dal <hak...@me.com>
> Subject: [NTG-context] \startcolumnset ... \stopcolumnset fatal error:
>         return code 11
> I have used newcolumnset module to make a test sheet. It was made by the
> help of experts in the list.
> It worked fine a month ago and also worked via TeXlive 2021.
> But I got error using the recent version.
> Thanks Nicola and John for testing.
> I have listed it before and tried to find out the cause.
> I have test the following file in the editors,  vscode, vim, atom and even
> in the terminal.
> It might be an apple binary problem as Hans suspected.
> I’d like to know that it is the only problem for Mac users.
> Here is the code and the part of error message:
> It was tested in vscode, vim and terminal too.
> I am using Mac OSX,
> ConTeXt  ver: 2021.12.03 15:20 LMTX  fmt: 2021.12.9  int: english/english
> Thank you for reading.
> Best regards,
> Dalyoung

I confirm Dalyoung's problem with \columnsets on Mac OSX with current lmtx.

The following MnWE worked on July 2021 versions of lmtx, but does not work
with December versions (gives Fatal Error 11)

       \dorecurse{20}{\input bryson}

system          > ConTeXt  ver: 2021.12.14 19:19 LMTX  fmt: 2021.12.16  int:

mtx-context     | fatal error: return code: 11


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