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With the past two-or-so uploads, btx output seems to be broken in some cases. 
Compiling the below example


  This reference has a tag which is in camel-case:

  On the other hand this reference has a tag which is lower-case:


along with the bibtex file (refs.bib attached here), only the second citation 
entry has a properly rendered bibliography entry while the first one does not. 
Notably, any bibtex entries whose tags are not all lowercase (ASCII) are not 
rendered correctly. Instead, in the log I get

publications > unknown tag 'nielsen2011_chernoffinformationexponentialfamilies' 
in dataset 'default'

Almost all my entries in bib files are in camel-case since I find that to be 
easier to read and it gives me a better clue of what the item is. With some 
recent uploads I noticed that in publ-ini.lua 'tag' and 'field' entries were 
string.lowered(). Upon removing those statements, I am able to get the proper 

I also have certain bib files where the entries are not at all in ASCII (so I 
am not sure what the code might do there, I did not check in detail). I hope I 
can continue to use camel case for the tags (if its not too much to ask): is 
there some additional setting that I should change to allow this so that the 
output is rendered correctly?

	author    = {Nielsen, Frank},
	doi       = {10.1109/LSP.2013.2243726},
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	journal   = {IEEE Signal Processing Letters},
	localfile = {Nielsen2013_InformationGeometricCharacterizationChernoff.pdf},
	month     = {March},
	number    = {3},
	pages     = {269--272},
	title     = {An Information-Geometric Characterization of Chernoff Information},
	volume    = {20},
	year      = {2013},

	author    = {Nielsen, Frank},
	journal   = {CoRR},
	localfile = {Nielsen2011_ChernoffInformationExponentialFamilies.pdf},
	title     = {Chernoff information of exponential families},
	url       = {http://arxiv.org/abs/1102.2684; https://dblp.org/rec/bib/journals/corr/abs-1102-2684},
	volume    = {abs/1102.2684},
	year      = {2011},

	author     = {Vaart, A. W. van der},
	collection = {Cambridge Series in Statistical and Probabilistic Mathematics},
	doi        = {10.1017/CBO9780511802256},
	localfile  = {Vaart1998_AsymptoticStatistics.pdf},
	place      = {Cambridge},
	publisher  = {Cambridge University Press},
	series     = {Cambridge Series in Statistical and Probabilistic Mathematics},
	title      = {Asymptotic Statistics},
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	author  = {M{\"u}ller, Alfred},
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	journal = {Advances in Applied Probability},
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	pages   = {429--443},
	title   = {Integral Probability Metrics and Their Generating Classes of Functions},
	url     = {https://www.cambridge.org/core/product/identifier/S000186780002807X/type/journal_article},
	volume  = {29},
	year    = {1997},
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