I tend to do something such as the following:

Vīkṣya}, 5b},list={Ch.\ {\sc ix}\TI {\it Vīkṣya}, 5b}]


{{\NI}{\tfx \copyright\ 2012 Sylvain {\sc Brocquet}.}}


You can find the result in v. 1, p. 257:

Murugaiyan, Appasamy & Parlier-Renault, Édith (2021) (Eds) Whispering
of Inscriptions:
South Indian Epigraphy and Art History: Papers from an International
Symposium in memory
of Professor Noboru Karashima (Paris, 12–13 October 2017). Oxford:
Indica et Buddhica.

OA PDF here:

Best, Richard

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Am 04.05.22 um 23:59 schrieb Bruce Horrocks via ntg-context:
> I need to include the copyright acknowledgement / photographer
> credit on an image but I'm not sure what's the best way to do it.
> Option 1: I can add the acknowledgement to the end of the
> \placefigure caption text:
> e.g.   \placefigure{A picture of a cow. Image of a cow that may or
> may not be under copyright
> anymore.}{\externalfigure[cow][height=6cm]}
> then the copyright bit will appear in the Table of Figures which I
> don't really want to happen. Is there a way to truncate this?


\startplacefigure[title={complete caption}, list={description in the 
table of figures}]...\stopplacefigure

you can have different caption texts, like for titles.

> Option 2: some magazines print the copyright credit running up the
> side of the image, independently of the caption. I'd quite like to
> do this and wondered if anyone had already written something they
> could share?

I often use \ininner{\rotate[location=fit]{Copyright notice}}, but
a hassle to get the placement right, don’t use it within the caption. 
Using \setlayer is most reliable.

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