I created a chapter title style with a large number telling the chapter number, 
and below it the title of the chapter.
It looks like this:
---------------------        1               <--really big chapter 
number=========== <-- there is a border created by a background image between 
    How to keep  <--chapter title
This is the article <-- the article begins
about how to keepfish ---------------------




        \input knuth

        \input knuth

The problem I'm facing, is anytime a chapter title is called, such as "Content" 
in complete content, or something in the appendix, such as one of the indexes, 
no number is printed above, so the vertical distance from the top of the page 
to the top of the chapter title changes. I need these to be consistent, as 
there is a background image, with vertical lines.
Basically, if I call \chapter{}, it appears perfectly aligned vertically on the 
page, with no other settings. But when calling \completecontent or a similar 
title that won't get a number, because the number isn't placed, it is 
vertically higher on the page, but I need it to be printed the same height, as 
it it had an invisible number.
I've tried adding strut (the code has it in two places), but don't know if I've 
used it appropriately, and it didn't solve the problem.
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