I am going to convince the Board of a journal to consider ConTeXt as an 
additional option.
I want to make a module before I say anything. Right now I have this title 

The journal requires the titles to be CAPITALISED, except for the acronyms. I'm 
using backticks `...` to wrap it and replace it with \egroup ...\WORD\bgroup{} 
lpeg. This kinda works, but that's so ugly. Besides, the actual story is that I 
also want to
add markdown as an option, so the backticks actually have meanings.

I also checked the typo-cap.lua file to get a clue. But I used to use TeX 
and I have to admit that it's so overwhelming for a newbie.

I really like the way where bibtex treats words enclosed in curly braces are 
Or are there something that's less aggressive than \WORD so the LaTeX trick 

Best wishes,
ℤhichu ℂhen

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