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Are you able to (log in and) edit wiki pages yourself?
I can of course edit this now, but this can be community effort. I
will surely forget to update the page in 6 months when the next
OpenBSD version gets released.

I could create an account to do that.  I suppose there is no problem in
doing so, and, of course, I'd gladly update the links for the next
release in 6 months (I see you have already done that for the 32bits
also, thank you!).

I think a good solution instead of linking to all individual
files, could be to link to the official download page once:


So you plan to keep using the 32-bit binaries for OpenBSD?

I am, yes.  I am migrating almost all 32bit boxes both at work and at
home to Haiku and OpenBSD, since Linux is getting more and more resource
demanding day by day (even Devuan, which can be configured to be very
lightweight).  I would really appreciate if you kept providing them.

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