Hi again,

I’m looking into extending my ConTeXt-made invoices with embedded XML data according to the DE/FR Factur-X standard (in Germany also known as ZUGFeRD).

Does anyone have some experience with that?

For that, I need PDF/A-3(a) compliant documents – current documentation is only on PDF/A-1(a), but that doesn’t seem to be the problem.

Now I’m supposed to put additional information into the XMP metadata.
I found lpdf-xmp.lua; but it seems like I can’t just use

lpdf.addtoinfo("TEST","Hraban was here!")

Would I need to add my tags to the mapping table of lpdf-xmp.lua?

Or circumvent it after a look at the function concerned:

function lpdf.addxmpinfo(tag,value,check)
    local pattern = permitdetail(tag)
    if type(pattern) == "string" then
        xmlfillin(xmp or valid_xmp(),pattern,value,check)

If I try to use xml.fillin, I apparently need the name of the current xml file, but valid_xmp is a local function. If just use the default...


... at least I find no traces of that key in the extended metadata dialog of Acrobat Pro 9. I also tried different values like "xmp" instead of metadata. Clearly I don’t understand what I’m doing here ;)

Is there a check against some schema involved?

It looks like I should include an additional XMP schema for Factur-X with the URI "urn:factur-x:pdfa:CrossIndustryDocument:invoice:1p0#", prefix "fx". How can I do that?

This is the example from the docs:


Then I’d use \attachment to include my "factur-x.xml" invoice (that I must generate from my Lua invoice code), but that’s a task for another day ;)

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