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Would that make a difference for you?

Seven days is a big time commitment, unless you are a major user of ConTeXt. Is there a possibility 
to split it up into "professional" during the week and "hobbyist" over the 
weekend so people could come for just the weekend, or the whole week?

For most of us it *is* a hobby and the meeting kind of holidays.

IMO meeting over the whole week is a big part of the appeal, otherwise we couldn’t fit all the interesting stuff into the schedule and the personal interaction also would fall short.

I remember we had a similar split when we combined with EuroTeX. I was new to the community at that time, and I found the sudden influx of people over the weekend very confusing. YMMV

It was always possible to register and come for just some days.
We discourage it, since it disturbs the community experience, pickup is additional effort, and we often must pay the venue for the whole week (it depends).

In 2022 the weekend would mean: maybe a talk or two on Friday, CG members meeting on Saturday morning, excursion for the rest of the day and nothing but departure on Sunday. In other years we met e.g. from Sunday to Saturday, and on the first day we are busy arriving and setting up.

BTW it looks like Jano will host us in Sibřina again in September of 2023. And we’re discussing “uncharted territory” for 2024.

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