On 5/19/22 2:04 PM śrīrāma wrote:
> Hi,
> [I am on version 2022.05.11 11:36]
> I think either a bug might have crept into one of the recent uploads or     
> there is some change in behaviour – numbering of statements inside          
> mathalignment blocks is not working: only one statement is numbered even if 
> multiple are requested.
> The following example does not produce the expected result
> both the equations should be numbered when only the first one is –
>   \starttext
>   \placeformula
>   \startformula
>     \startmathalignment
>       \NC a \NC = b \NR[eq:one]
>       \NC c \NC = d \NR[eq:two]
>     \stopmathalignment
>   \stopformula
>   \stoptext
> Also the [+] options and the second optional argument of \NR does not work  
> as expected. Has its behaviour changed?
> [...]


Sorry to bother you all during a weekend but I am wondering if anyone has any 
workaround for the issue  I have asked about above: while updating LMTX I 
unwittingly replaced my previous version without retaining a copy. Now I am 
stuck with documents without equation numbers.

As stated above the following MWE demonstrates the issue: only the first 
equation is numbered (while both should be)

      \NC a \NC = b \NR[eq:one]
      \NC c \NC = d \NR[eq:two]
I tried to look into math-ini and math-ali but to no avail.



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