On 5/24/22 10:18, Jan-Erik Hägglöf via ntg-context wrote:
> HI Again!
> I discovered what went wrong, such a silly syntax error, here comes a
> working code:

Hi Jan-Erik,

this will also make it:

  \definesymbol [yes] [{\externalfigure[on.svg][conversion=mp]}]
  \definesymbol [no] [{\externalfigure[off.svg][conversion=mp]}]

  \setupfield[setup3][width=2ex, height=2ex]

  {\definefield [check-\recurselevel] [check] [setup3] [yes,no] [no]}

  \setupbodyfont[sans, 30pt]

  \startTEXpage[offset=1em, foregroundstyle=\ssbf]

      option \recurselevel\blank[1ex]}

But what I experienced in Acrobat Reader DC (on a borrowed computer) is
that you get the standard image (only when field is enabled) when you
click elsewhere in the document.

I guess that this may be related to a missing implementation, but first
I would like to confirm you are experiencing the same.


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