Hi Tommaso

 I use TeXworks with ConText stand alone LMTX. To set it up to run context do the following.

Open TexWorks and then click on TexWorks in the menu bar then Preferences. The TexWorks Preference window will open up.

Click on the Typesetting tab and you will see two panes. One marked "Paths for TeX and related Programs" and another marked "Processing Tools".

Next to Processing Tools is a + button. Click on this and a "Tool Configuration" window appears. This is where you enter the details for processing by ConTeXt and this is how I have set this up on my mac mini M1.

Name: LMTX

% Here you need to use the Browse button to get to the mtxrun. On my mac it is the path to the directory tex  which contains the file mtxrun as shown below. Yours may be different. Since mtxrun is an alias for luametatex it substitutes luametatex. I edited this to, mtxrun.

Program: /Users/HomeDirectory/data/contextmacosarm64/tex/texmf-osx-arm64/bin/mtxrun

% Next enter the arguments as follows using the + button.

Arguments: --autogenerate





Click OK. This takes you back to the TeXworks Prefences window (which has stayed open anyway). You may have to enter some more paths to the Paths pane. I added /Users/HomeDirectory/data/contextmacosarm64/tex/texmf-osx-arm64/bin just to be on the safe side but it may not be needed.

If I have made any mistakes I'm sure the great and the good in the ConTeXt community will correct me.

I also use TeXshop but prefer TeXworks but to be honest with with you there is not much of a difference between the two in my ConTeXt use. I'm experimenting with atom but that is a wee bit more complicated since I have to use the console to run context.

Hope this helps

Best Wishes

Keith McKay

On 26/05/2022 13:53, Tommaso Gordini via ntg-context wrote:

Hello list,
forgive me if my question is too general and trivial and without a minimum code.

In the current state of ConTeXt development, which engine do you recommend to use /definitively/? ConTeXt MkIV or LMTX?

I use macOS 10.15.7, on which I have MacTeX-2022, ConTeXt Standalone and ConTeXt LMTX. My editor is TeXShop 4.72 (the last one), even if Synctex doesn't work too well: source to PDF is almost OK, but PDF to source is still very inaccurate, not to mention that to activate the direct and reverse search you have to write such a thing as

%! TEX TS-program = ConTeXt2021
%! TEX useAlternatePath
%! TEX useConTeXtSyncParser

\setupsynctex [state=start, method=min]


I also have the latest TeXworks on board, but I don't understand how to set it up. If you think that for ConTeXt is better than TeXShop and you want to teach me how to set it up, thank you.


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