> What is the correct way to install an unofficial ConTeXt module

Right now with LMTX, the only way to install modules is to manually copy files. I believe that the typical location to store module files is "TEXMFMODULES", but "TEXMFLOCAL" or "TEXMFHOME" should also work.

To get the folder location, in a Unix shell run:

    mtxrun --variables | grep -A4 'lists | TEXMFMODULES'

or in PowerShell run:

    mtxrun --variables | sls 'lists \| TEXMFMODULES' -co 0,4

Then you should copy all of the module's files to the "res: " directory found above.

Make sure to run

    mtxrun --generate

after you copy over the files.

I haven't tested any of this specifically with the SBL module, but I've followed this procedure successfully with many other modules.

-- Max
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