Answering my own question - the rules in x-mathml.mkxl/.lmt assume *only*
an mml: namespace on MathML elements. Having built my current project on
the basis of the examples in the XML in mkiv manual, I had two layers of
namespaces in addition to that. Redoing the mappings for the MathML
elements resulted in glorious formulas coming out.


On Sun, 29 May 2022 at 22:23, Duncan Hothersall <> wrote:

> This feels like a really stupid question but I can't find an answer to it
> anywhere.
> When processing an XML file directly with ConTeXt, i.e.
> using \startxmlsetups rules, how can I make use of the MathML module for
> the MathML content in my XML source? Should I include a specific piece of
> code with a \registerctxluafile command as well as / instead of
> \usemodule[mathml]? Do I need to use something other than \xmlflush to pass
> the XML to the module?
> Sorry, it's probably obvious but I can't work it out!
> Thanks.
> Duncan

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