On 02/10/2022 10:55, Fabrice Couvreur via ntg-context wrote:
Initially, there was a bug with maro numberstriped() and Hans suggested another sensible approach to me, but you don't get the same shape of the hatches depending on the dimensions of the squares.

some unexpected side effect show up when the unitsquare is xyscaled to a rectangle like (2.5cm,1cm)
it seems related to the angle chosen



path p, q, r, b ;
p  := unitsquare xyscaled (4cm,4cm) ;
q := unitsquare xyscaled (1cm,1cm) shifted(0,3cm) ;
r := unitsquare xyscaled (2.5cm,1cm) shifted(1cm,3cm) ;
b := unitsquare xyscaled (3cm,3cm) shifted(1cm,0) ;

draw r anglestriped (1,35,2) withcolor red;
draw q anglestriped (1,35,2) withcolor green;
draw b anglestriped (1,35,2) withcolor cyan;
draw p;
draw q;
draw b;
draw r;

label.llft("D", p) ;
label.lrt("C", p) ;
label.ulft("A", p) ;
label.urt("B", p) ;
label.urt("P", lrcorner r) ;
label.lft("Q", llcorner r) ;
label.top("M", urcorner r) ;

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